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  • Join the Membership

    Membership is open to anyone who is interested in teaching Chinese and agrees with the missions of CLTA-GNY. To join the membership, please fill out the membership enrollment online below:

    CLTA-GNY Membership Enrollment Form

    The period covered by membership dues is from January 1 to December 31.

    Annual membership fees

    Regular member                      

    Retired teacher and student $10

    Annual group rate

    5-10 members                         $100 
    11-15 members                     $200
    16-20 members                     $300

    21 or more members              

    Three-year membership $50
    Lifetime membership $150

    Membership fees can be paid either by check or online.

    Membership Service

    New members will be invited by email to join our grouplist list, which will bring you, almost on the daily basis, information about association activities, job opportunities, community events, publication news, news of interest, and varieties of announcements. When you receive the invitation, please accept it by following the instruction that comes with it. Members are welcome to post teaching- and culturally-related announcements. This list is exclusively for CLTA-GNY members.

    Membership Directory

    The Membership Directory, in the form of an Excel file, is available upon your request. If you wish to receive a copy, please send your request to  from the same email address that you entered on your member enrollment form. Categories of the information included in the directory are based on the indication members made on their enrollment forms. Please keep the directory information confidential and only use it for professional purposes.