Workshop: Technology Tips for Chinese Teachers


St.Hildas’s and St.Hugh’s School, NYC

Sparta School District, NJ


This workshop was created to provide guidance and assistance to K-12 Chinese language teachers. Contents of the workshop include how instruction in a Chinese class can be enhanced and blended through technology. The workshop shows examples and traits of the cutting-edge technologies, discusses tracking students’ academic performance with technology, and the workshop also include brief “how-to” sessions with some instructional software and techniques.


Section 1: Get Your Students to Speak More!

In this section, the presenter talks about the innovative ways of engaging and assessing speaking practice beyond the traditional language classroom. Three free web tools are examined and demonstrated by the presenter. Demo of students’ projects is also included.


1.      How to build a Chinese “Voicemail” with Google Voice?

2.      How to create interactive assignments for speaking and listening with Lingt?

3.      How to give the students a voice online with Voki?


Section 2: Technology Integration Toolbox

This section is based on the Technology Integration Matrix: Active, Collaborative,

Authentic, Constructive, Goal-directed. The content includes but is not limited to


1.      Use mobile device to teach Chinese language:

a.       Voice-to-Text (Android)

b.      Type and write Chinese with ipod/iphone

c.       Plam

d.      E-Chinese dictionary


2.      Chinese Teacher Lesson Plan Toolkit:

a.       Free clip art collection

b.      Free lesson plan templates

c.       Download Youtube

d.      Examview

e.        Lesson Plan and demo platform, smartnotebook and interwrite workspace

f.        QQ dictionary


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