From Multimedia to Multitasks


Frances Yufen Lee Mehta


Cornell University




To meet the needs of our students who are from a generation in which technology is rapidly changing and gaining prominence, teachers often have to incorporate new developments in technology that can be adapted to language teaching and learning.  I adapt online technology to engage my third-year students in active communication via interaction, cooperation, reflection and self-assessment, while applying standard pronunciation, precise structural devices and rich vocabulary.  Classroom activities and assignments are designed to accomplish a variety of tasks in which students assume various roles in a range of functions to demonstrate their deeper understanding on the newly acquired linguistic and cultural knowledge in social and cultural appropriateness.  This process and result show that students benefit from the exposure to and application of multimedia materials, which are not only authentic and up-to-date but also suitable to their learning style.   


In my presentation, I will briefly explain the pedagogical background of my recent project funded by the Consortium of Language Teaching and Learning.  I will then discuss the exploration of multimedia resources for Chinese language teaching and learning for third year students.  Participants will review the design of using multimedia resources as tools to achieve multiple tasks.  Finally, results using multimedia to achieve multi tasks in the third year Chinese course and users’ feedback will be revealed.    



TECHNOLOGY: Using technology and media in the Chinese language classroom, including audio and video.