Between Teacher Training and Classroom Process


The reciprocity between challenges in instructed L2 Chinese acquisition and the quality of teacher training demands serious attention and adequate coping strategies.To secure effective instruction, substantial pedagogical competence needs to be developed during the teacher education process -- necessarily before a prospective teacher gets deployed into the classroom; supportive or remedial in-service teacher training arrangement needs to be in place -- especially for new teachers and junior faculty members.The measure of a successful teacher development process is ultimately the consistency between a teacherís developed insight into the L2 Chinese acquisition process, on the one hand, and his/her effective execution of instructional designs and pedagogical facilitation of the L2 Chinese learning, on the other.





江燕、麦健明:  新教师在汉语课堂教学中面临的跨文化挑战的具体体现

         Classroom routine-setting differences for instructed L2 Chinese vs. L1 Chinese acquisition

         Differences between teaching objectives, content and learning activity

         The need to match teaching and learning with assessments

         Classroom culture establishment and development

         The need to develop cooperative relationship with students

         Communication problems and other issues in the L2 classroom



廖山漫:  中文教师如何确立专业发展目标

††††††† 确立每年专业发展的目标,这是每一个学区对全日制中小学教师的要求。目标的实现反应了每一位教师对课程的理解,对教学的思考。为实现每一个目标,需要积极参与各种各样活动,包括教师活动,学生活动以及社区活动。中文老师如何确立每一年的专业发展目标,参与哪些活动帮助目标的实现,本文将结合教学实践进行分析,以帮助中文教师,尤其是新的中文老师建立既满足学区的要求,又帮助自己的教学实践的专业发展目标。