Learn Chinese on iPad Fun, Easy and Fast


Xiaohua Su




ChinesePad an iPad application which provides an innovative Chinese learning environment where you can follow interactive Chinese books with variety of special topics, practice your Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as well as track your progress towards mastering 3,500 most common used Chinese characters. It features a built-in Chinese-English dictionary with 158,000 strong unique entries and it allows users to build their own word focus list so they can browse, write and flash it at any time and at anywhere.


ChinesePad is organized into three (3) complementing components:

  1. Open content platform with interactive books which allows users subscribe based on their personal interests.
  2. An integrated set of tools to drill users in the basic language skills with their fingers such as handwriting, browsing and reading, flashing card, speaking and recording and pinyin.
  3. A built-in Chinese-English dictionary which can be called into service when needed and where needed such as browsing and reading or handy translation.


Learning individual Chinese characters is a first step towards mastering the Chinese language. Reading and understanding Chinese books with special interests and business communication are challenges of Chinese learning. ChinesePad was innovated for our users with a set of simple and effective tools so that it makes Chinese learning fun, easy and fast.


ChinesePad leverages the advanced Apple iPad technology. It runs well on Apple iPad and iPad2. It is free to download in Apple app store by searching key words ChinesePad.


Since ChinesePad was launched on February 12th, 2011, it has been downloaded by hundreds and thousands users at every corner of the world. Feedbacks from our users are very encouraging. I was informed by our users who carry ChinesePad on their business trip and learn Chinese on ChinesePad on the train, on the plane and in the classrooms.