Strategies and Effective Activities for K-12 Classroom


Marisa Fang, Tracy Pi, Hui-Lin Lin




(1) A Classroom for 30 minutes  -  三十分钟的课堂布置,by Marisa Fang


Young learners require hands-on learning experiences with concrete objects.  The presenter will share her hands-on experiences to help K-12 teachers create timely and effective activities in their own classrooms.  Although the demonstrations and examples of lessons are mainly for FLES, teachers of secondary level can also benefit from the practical tools, effective techniques and fun-filled activities.  Participants will be inspired and guided to develop activities through games, songs, rhymes, chants, story-telling, etc. The Participants will learn how to easily create innovative lessons for their own students and help them achieve the 5Cs goals in 30 minutes.


Marisa Fang is a Chinese/ESL teacher in Plainview-Old Bethpage Central Schools on Long Island, NY.

She has taught Chinese to American students for more than 15 years.  Her publications include Far East Chinese Culture for Children, Chinese 123 - I Sing Along, Flying With Chinese and Chinese Treasure Chest, etc.



(2) TPR-S ---Gain Mandarin Chinese fluency through TPR Storytelling, Teacher as a story-teller, by Tracy Pi


TPR Storytelling does not just work in young language learners’ environment; it has proven to work successfully in all language learning settings.  According to the research, the TPRS students have significantly higher comprehension and language fluency compared with that of the traditional language classrooms.  Their four language skills are improved immensely with fascinating and intriguing stories.  Through TPR Storytelling, language is acquired through comprehensible input and classroom language is repetitive, interesting, varied, and believable.  The presenter will show you how to make a TPR Storytelling classroom work effortlessly and how to make language acquisition successfully. 


Tracy Pi is a Mandarin Chinese/ESL teacher in Massapequa public schools on Long Island, NY.



(3) Hui-Lin Lin: How to make your lessons come alive in the high school classroom?


The presenter will share her experiences and real samples to show how technology, activities and projects can help your students reach the goals for each lesson and build up a solid foundation of listening, speaking, reading and writing, the 4 language skills. The sample lessons are mostly from the “Integrated Chinese” textbook series.


Hui-Lin Lin is a Chinese language teacher in Friends Academy on Long Island, NY. Before teaching at Friends Academy, she was the Chinese language teacher and assistant principal of Tzu-Chi Chinese School of Long Island.