Post-Conference Dinner

"Ichiumi, the best sushi and seafood buffet, is known for itís quality and variety of food, value, service excellence and a dining ambiance that is unrivaled in buffets.

The quality and quantity of food available is amazing, including sushi, sashimi, salads, various hot foods, snow crab legs, a variety of jumbo shrimp and mussels, fresh oysters and clams that are shucked fresh to order and so much more thatís itís impossible to sample all 200 items on the buffet menu. The variety of foods put out is simply awe inspiring and itís all very fresh and beautifully presented.


CLTA-GNY has set up a post-conference buffet dinner at Ichiumi, a high-end Japanese sushi and seafood buffet restaurant in Edison, NJ. The address of the restaurant is

352 Menlo Park Dr (Menlo Park Mall)
Edison, NJ 08837
T. 732.906.2370

The dinner price, as you can see from its website, is $31.95. CLTA-GNY will treat all the presenters to the dinner and subsidize the other attendees by charging $25/person (CLTA-GNY will cover the balance of the cost, plus tax and tips).

The restaurant is 15 minutes drive from the conference site. If you come with the charter bus in the morning, the bus will take you to the restaurant and then back to the city at the end of the dinner. If you come with the bus in the morning, but do not wish to go to  the dinner, you can take the train back to the city on your own. You have two options of getting to the train station:

1) The train station nearest to the conference site is in New Brunswick. There will be campus buses that run back and forth between New Brunswick and Livingston campus, probably departing every half hour on the weekends, which are free to all. So people who don't take the charter bus to or from the conference have that as an alternative. See the weekend route time tables at:         (Scroll Down)

2) The Edison train station would also work for the charter bus
, which can drop you off there on its way to Ichiumi.

If you are interested in going to the dinner, please register with Miss Isabelle Geng at You can pay at check-in on May 14 and pick up your dinner coupon. Inquiries about the dinner should also be directed to Miss Geng.