Call for Papers 


The 9th  New York International Conference on
Teaching Chinese in
Commemoration of
the Centennial Anniversary of
the 1911 Revolution

New Trends in Chinese Language and Culture Teaching




As Chinese language programs continue to proliferate throughout the country and around the world, Chinese language educators will need to re-conceptualize Chinese language education in light of the new opportunities and challenges posed by this explosion of interest.  As larger and larger numbers of American students – at younger and younger ages – begin learning Chinese, it will be necessary to develop new ways of thinking about the Chinese language and Chinese learning that incorporate new insights in student motivation and psychology, new approaches to linguistic analysis, and that recognize the key roles played by technology and multimedia devices in students’ daily lives. 



This year’s conference will address all of these opportunities and challenges, with an emphasis on the following topics, though presentations on related topics are also welcome:


(1) TECHNOLOGY: Using technology and media in the Chinese language classroom, including online and distance learning


(2) STUDENT MOTIVATION: Increasing student motivation through creative approaches to teaching and learning and better understanding student psychology


(3) ADMINISTRATION: The administrative challenges posed by the rapid rise of Chinese language education and the critical shortage of qualified Chinese teachers


(4) PEDAGOGY: The differences between approaches to teaching Chinese to heritage and non-heritage learners; general and specialized student populations; public and private schools; urban, suburban, and rural schools, etc.


(5) LINGUISTICS: New approaches to understanding and explaining Chinese syntax, phonology, semantics, and pragmatics, including psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, and cognitive science

The CLTA-GNY Conference Committee welcomes submissions of one page proposals on subjects relevant to the above themes. Papers can be either in Chinese or English. We will consider proposals for panels as well as individual papers and all proposals will be reviewed anonymously. Individual papers will be grouped into panels by themes. Panels will be 75 minutes long with four presenters. Please note that we will need separate abstracts for each paper on any panel proposal.


Please send your proposals to the below address(es) to be received by us by March 15, 2011. Both paper and electronic forms are acceptable, though we encourage and prefer e-mail submission.


Email submissions should be sent to:


Mailing address is:       

Chinese Language Teachers Association of Greater New York

125 East 65th Street, New York, NY 10065


Please include the below "Attendee's Information Form" with your proposal. Notice of acceptance will be sent out by March 31 electronically. Anyone who needs a hard copy of the notice should include a special request with their proposal.


For information about CLTA-GNY, please visit For details about the conference, including the conference registration form, please visit The conference registration fee is $20 (made out to CLTA-GNY).





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